Thursday, January 6, 2011

tender mercy...

Yesterday my phone died during class, which was inconvenient because I had someone meeting me on campus so I could buy their textbook. I got in a text to John asking him to pick me up and immediately called textbook Cameron. I asked if the HFAC parking lot was okay and my phone died cutting off the conversation. I waited for John to pick me up and told him the situation. We sat by the WILK with the car hazards on hoping he'd know that hazards=the girl trying to buy his book.
But John is a genius and asked if we have the same phone battery. We do. So I put his fully charged battery in my phone, called Cameron, and got a $100 book for $25. I better learn all sorts of things about the History of Modern Art.

made me laugh...

I went to my first day if Wednesday classes yesterday. I have Art History 202 AND Modern Art with Mark Magelby. I've heard great things about his classes and knew he was entertaining from the one Contemporary Art class I attended of his over the summer. He might end up being the hardest grader on campus, but he is the funniest person. I can't even quote anything he said, it was just his timing, it's perfect. I usually fall asleep in 3 hour lectures, but I was so into his jokes and his obvious love for art and history. He's a very dramatic and enthusiastic speaker.

thankful for...

I am thankful for my studio seminar class. It is once a week and all we do is listen to visiting artists. This semester Peter Everett is over the visiting artist program. I love his style of teaching.

Yesterday he told us story about this family that tried so hard to keep their royal line pure, so they would marry each other. Because of all of the inbreeding their children started to be deformed with huge jawbones and lips. The family eventually ended because toward the end the last son remaining was mentally retarded, unable to have children and severely deformed. Peter compared this to our art at BYU. If we only talk to each other and rely on each other to make our art and be inspired, it's like we're marrying our cousin. Soon there won't be any room for growth and our art will come to a halt.

I'm going to London with this same professor for Fall 2012 semester and am really excited. His metaphor made perfect sense and I'm looking forward to broadening my horizons because otherwise I'll be here...married to my cousin.

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