Monday, January 31, 2011

Just ate a whole bag of chocolate chips.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I don't have to take another art history or french class for the rest of my life after April 2011. I like hearing stories behind famous works of art but as soon as they turn the lights off in class I immediately fall asleep. I jumped back to life right at the end of class today. I hate doing the reading because it's just so dang boring. We have a midterm next week and I swear I haven't learned a single thing.

I have a French test Wednesday and I still don't understand that class either. I have anxiety while I walk to the JKB because I know Monsieur Sparks will say my name after he's just rattled something off in French and he's expecting me to answer the question I didn't even know he asked. The only thing that keeps me slightly motivated is a picture of Marion Cotillard as Lady Dior. I feel like if I know how to speak in french there is hope for me to be as classy and sophisticated as her picture.

tender mercy...

I sat by the smart kids in art history today so I got 100% on the group quiz. Where you sit makes all the difference for those "talk to your neighbors" quizzes.

made me laugh

Speaking of French...I watched an episode of I Love Lucy where Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel all got to France. Lucy goes off by herself, gets tricked into trading her American money for counterfeit french money. She goes to a restaurant and is served snails. Her response is that she might be able to try it if they bring her some ketchup. LOL. She doesn't want to be a tourist so when Fred and Ethel pass by she pretends not to know them. When she pays for her meal they call the police because she paid with the fake money and is sent to jail. The policeman only speaks french. Pretty soon there are 5 people translating from french to german to spanish to english so Lucy and the policeman can communicate. After everything is over the two couples are back in their apartment and find out that they all paid for a "one of a kind" painting" but all have the same one.

I really do love Lucy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Revival

thankful for...

Yesterday was the Winter Revival Concert at BYU. John had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go but I never really committed to the concert. After I got off of work last night I asked if he still wanted to go or if he'd rather just go to a movie (since it would be the same price). He said he'd rather go to the concert, which I'm happy about. Joshua James was the main performance and the first opening band was Caleb Blood. One of the guys in Caleb Blood was from John's mission and I'd never seen Joshua James live (which is crazy because he's always playing shows at Velour.)

The three opening bands were all piano rock (some better than others), but lets face it, piano rock is rarely worth listening to. It always sounds like super sappy EYF. Even the "comedian" hosting the concert was tough to listen to at times. And then Joshua James started. I have his CDs. I might've even taken a lot of his stuff off of my ipod because I have to be in the right mood to really get into it and most of the time my mood likes something more upbeat (It happened to be Stevie Wonder today: the good/rare piano rock). But I was seriously blown away be the first song Joshua James played.

It doesn't happen very often that you go to a concert and are that moved by the music played. Usually the musician just goes through the motions and plays it just how it is on the record because that's what everyone is expecting to hear. I'm thankful John wanted to go to the concert instead of just another movie. Joshua James live is well worth it.

tender mercy...

Today was so warm. Every now and then during the winter I need a reminder of what spring is like, just so I have the warmth to look forward to. I laid on the carpet in the sun with Molly for a bit then got ready for church and didn't have to wear tights with my dress. My favorite is when the air is cool and you can feel the sun warm your skin. John pointed it out when we were walking in the church too. I'm looking forward to those hot days when I can lay outside and tan. They're the best.

made me laugh...

During the second opening band this girl sang and played the piano. It was tough to listen to. Her first song she ended with "Ooohhh" and I thought it was super tacky. John left to see if Jamba Juice was still open and I stayed to save our seats. When he came back I informed him that her second song ended with "MMmmm" and we both were laughing at her and making bets on how the current song would end. John put $5 on "Ohh yeah" and I matched his $5 with "Oooooo." To both of our surprise (and relief) she ended with "That's the end!" Like that is seriously how she ended the song, it wasn't just an after thought once the song was over. We never could've seen that coming. But it was fun making fun of her and laughing with John. <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hearing Condoleezza Rice

thankful for...

So Condoleezza Rice came to BYU to give our forum address last week. I got to the Marriot Center about 45 minutes early and was still stuck sitting in the top rows. That place was PACKED. It wasn't being broadcast so everyone was racing to the Marriot Center. I think she is way cute and I loved listening to her speak. She said that the most important thing while you're in college is to study abroad and to learn a new language (I'm studying in London next semester and am currently learning French).

She told about how she studied Russian for 3 years in college and went on to study in Russia. One day she and her roommates found cockroaches and sent Condoleezza to tell the building about the problem. She ended up telling them they all had head lice instead of cockroaches and was later embarrassed when she realized her mistake. But she said that when you talk to someone in their language and they actually understand what you are saying, it is the best feeling of accomplishment.

She talked about education and how important it is. Her grandfather was living in Alabama and would ask travelers as they passed through how a colored man like himself got an education. Someone told him that there was a church school that colored people attended. So, he saved up and traveled to attend this school. He payed for his first year in cotton. After his first year he was out of cotton and couldn't pay for the next year. He asked how everyone else was paying for it. They said they had scholarships. Her grandfather asked how he could get a scholarship and they said by being a minister. He said that being a minister is exactly what he had in mind and went on to finish school. Condoleezza Rice said that her grandfather was an excellent example and that because of him her family has been educated and religious ever since.

Overall, I'm thankful that I decided to go to this forum and for the things that she said. I think Condoleezza Rice is an incredible person

Thursday, January 6, 2011

tender mercy...

Yesterday my phone died during class, which was inconvenient because I had someone meeting me on campus so I could buy their textbook. I got in a text to John asking him to pick me up and immediately called textbook Cameron. I asked if the HFAC parking lot was okay and my phone died cutting off the conversation. I waited for John to pick me up and told him the situation. We sat by the WILK with the car hazards on hoping he'd know that hazards=the girl trying to buy his book.
But John is a genius and asked if we have the same phone battery. We do. So I put his fully charged battery in my phone, called Cameron, and got a $100 book for $25. I better learn all sorts of things about the History of Modern Art.

made me laugh...

I went to my first day if Wednesday classes yesterday. I have Art History 202 AND Modern Art with Mark Magelby. I've heard great things about his classes and knew he was entertaining from the one Contemporary Art class I attended of his over the summer. He might end up being the hardest grader on campus, but he is the funniest person. I can't even quote anything he said, it was just his timing, it's perfect. I usually fall asleep in 3 hour lectures, but I was so into his jokes and his obvious love for art and history. He's a very dramatic and enthusiastic speaker.

thankful for...

I am thankful for my studio seminar class. It is once a week and all we do is listen to visiting artists. This semester Peter Everett is over the visiting artist program. I love his style of teaching.

Yesterday he told us story about this family that tried so hard to keep their royal line pure, so they would marry each other. Because of all of the inbreeding their children started to be deformed with huge jawbones and lips. The family eventually ended because toward the end the last son remaining was mentally retarded, unable to have children and severely deformed. Peter compared this to our art at BYU. If we only talk to each other and rely on each other to make our art and be inspired, it's like we're marrying our cousin. Soon there won't be any room for growth and our art will come to a halt.

I'm going to London with this same professor for Fall 2012 semester and am really excited. His metaphor made perfect sense and I'm looking forward to broadening my horizons because otherwise I'll be here...married to my cousin.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Qui etes-vous?

thankful for....

I'm thankful for the scholarship refund that I got today and that it puts me 1/5 of the way to my London payment. I'm also thankful that I got a lot of holiday hours at work over Christmas break to keep me from spending my London money.

tender mercies...

I had my first day of French yesterday. I can now introduce myself and can recognize a few other words. If I actually learn this language it'll be the biggest tender mercy. Learning languages is tough.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of School

tender mercies....

I've been trying to figure out my school schedule and make it work with study abroad/work/marriage. Earlier this week I thought I had my schedule figured out with ceramics, french, art history, floral design, seminar, and geneology.....but only half of those were required and I can't help but feel like I'm wasting time when I have too many elective classes. I wasn't thrilled about taking geneology and was hoping to find a required class to take it's spot, since I'm more than finished with my religion credits.

After searching BYUs website I found a Modern Art class that fits right in my schedule perfectly. I also figured out a couple more things that make it possible for me to graduate one year from now, since I'm going to London for 3 months during Fall semester. There is actually an end in view! My last semester is going to be amazing too because I have all of the advanced art classes left including my own art exhibition in the HFAC. :) Everything worked out perfectly and I will graduate right on my four year mark.

made me laugh...

I woke up to a text from my sister, Michelle. She has a really bad rash that apparently turned her into Angelina Jolie....LOL. I'm sad she has a rash, but this picture was too perfect.

thankful for...

I left my truck up by John's house the whole week after Christmas because I really didn't have a need for it (I didn't really go anywhere), and then we got a lot of snow and I didn't want to try and dig it out. When I finally went to move it, it wouldn't start. Yesterday my dad went and tried to figure out what was wrong and ended up towing it to get worked on. I'm thankful for a dad who can fix all my problems.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

made me laugh.....

Yesterday while John, Sam and I were watching 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (because none of us have ever seen it and we all know Audrey Hepburn is beautiful to watch no matter what) John gets a call from his friend Mike who announces that he proposed to Anna. It was the very end of the movie where the couple is kissing in the rain after Holly finds the cat that she stupidly threw out of the cab door moments earlier, completing the dream of their new little family. I ignored the phone call with the details of his proposal to see how the movie would end.

John was off of the phone by the time I got in the room to asked him the details. I asked when they were getting married and he told me July. My immediate response was, "Huh, that's a long time." To this John just stared at me with a blank face.

I was so embarrassed by what I had said and couldn't stop laughing at the situation....see, John wants to marry me this summer, but I'm going to London this fall, so we're waiting until 2012. John isn't happy about the wait and I keep reassuring him that it really isn't that long. One year and 2 months. We aren't even technically engaged yet, but we did browse rings yesterday for the first time. John's blank stares always make me laugh, especially when he uses them to make his point.

I'm thankful for....

Earlier in the day I was at the mall with John wasting time before going to Bombay House with Sam for lunch/dinner. I held his hand and led him into all of the stores I wanted to go into (including Gap, like I didn't already know everything that was in there). He needed a new calender so we looked in the seasonal calender store. John loves the cat They make him laugh way hard and I can't blame him because I can't look at a duck without giggling and feeling super happy. Then we wander into Hot Topic and find a ridiculous Lady Gaga shirt that John buys because I think it's so funny how he loves to randomly sing her songs to me. I mentioned I was hungry, so he bought us a Maple Black Raspberry ice cream from Sub Zero to hold me over until our Indian dinner. We ended up sampling lotions on our way back out to the car.....he completely made my lazy holiday.