Monday, May 23, 2011

when you just swear without realizing

thankful for...

A couple days ago I was sitting in my bed with my laptop watching the latest movie Netflix sent me. My cat Molly came in and went crazy begging for attention, as usual, so I pet her for a while and lifted up the top of my blanket so she could walk in and make herself comfortable. (We have a reputation for spooning from time to time). She's especially nice to have around when it's cold since she's a nice little heater on my legs.

She laid down and I forgot all about her until I felt this weird thud on the side of my leg. I lifted up my blanket to see what was going on. She was curled up on my lap with her head upside-down hanging off to the side. I started petting her but she didn't respond at all. I tried waking her up and literally lifted her head up in the air...still with no response. I panicked and couldn't stop whispering, "shit shit shit" to myself. Had I just suffocated my cat? I started to get out of bed when she regained consciousness and was all startled and upset because I was moving around. I swear she passed out. There is no way a cat can sleep that deep! She's a real trooper.

I'm thankful that I didn't suffocate my childhood pet.

made me laugh...

I was walking with John over to his house after dinner tonight. He always makes fun of me because I walk up the street right in the middle of the road rather than on the sidewalk. I got in the habit of doing that back when all the neighborhood would get together and play night games because I was afraid of getting kidnapped or something from walking so close to the shadows and fences. Now it's mostly habit, but I AM still afraid to walk past the neighbors RV at night ... it's just dark and creepy.

Tonight John started to pull my hand toward the sidewalk and I told him I didn't want to step on all the worms that were out, since it had been raining, and insisted we keep walking in the road. I was wearing open toed shoes so the thought of stepping on one of those huge worms and getting it on me wasn't worth the risk.

I was watching my step when John started to step down, noticed something under his foot, tried mid-step to make his feet land somewhere else, did sort of a goofy hop while yelling, "HOLY SHhhhiii!"

There was a long twig in the road which John thought was the longest worm he'd ever seen.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bright, orange and cheerful

thankful for...

I'm thankful that my truck didn't get a boot/ticket last night. After work yesterday John picked me up, we ate at Iggy's (The Chocolate Lava Souffle is delicious by the way), went to Walmart to buy movie treats, and saw I Am Number Four. After the movie he drove me home. This morning I decided to walk to church before I realized that my truck was missing. I left it at work. After church we drove up to the mall and thankfully my truck was still intact. Nothing was stolen even though the windows were all down and I didn't even have a warning on the windshield. I even felt a little guilty like I'd been rude forgetting about my truck like that....but then I reminded myself that even though it's bright, orange and can't hurt it's feelings.

tender mercy...

Yesterday I met my goal at work, which means I do NOT have to wake up at 6am Sunday morning to go to work and be lectured for being a slacker.

made me laugh...

John only faked 4 seizures today while playing guitar after church. Lately I've been critiquing him so they look more realistic. We discovered that he can't keep his eyelashes from twitching when he fake dies no matter how hard he tries. I've figured it out. I used to just tell him the story about the boy who cried wolf, but now I know the secret to knowing if they're real or not so I guess it's ok.

Monday, May 9, 2011

a night out

thankful for...

I had the best night Saturday with John. We go to a different restaurant for dinner every week. Saturday we went to Roll Up Crepes. Apparently it's a fairly new place (I hadn't even heard of it when John said that's where he wanted to go). I got a delicious turkey and spinach crepe with pesto and cranberry sauce on top. It was amazing. And we shared a Nutella crepe for dessert. After we finished eating we looked up movie times and couldn't decide between Water for Elephants or Something Borrowed, because we really didn't know what either of them were about. Neither of us had cash but felt bad not leaving a tip at the restaurant because the band and the service were both pretty great. John had a gold dollar coin in his wallet so we left it on the table.

We stood outside of Wynnsong and did Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide which movie to see. John won so we got our tickets to Water for Elephants. (I later found out that Something Borrowed is a predictable chick flick, so I was happy John won). We had 45 minutes to kill, so we walked to Provo Beach Resort.

John had $10 left on his card from when he went there with Sam a few months back. He played some game where you throw balls in a dogs mouth and won 9 tickets. I noticed this stuffed animal of the yellow M&M in a claw machine. It was wearing glasses like mine. John tried 3 times to get it with no luck. (I still have a bear that he won for me from a claw machine at Denny's on Valentines Day my sophomore year). He had $3 left on the card, which was exactly enough for this.....
We took our 9 tickets and purchased 2 tattoos (a puppy for John and a dinosaur for me) a Chinese finger trap, and a little poppy. By then it was time to go to our movie.

I don't know what the book is like the movie Water for Elephants was super intense! John made me feel his pulse at one point because it was going so fast. The movie wasn't predictable at all and all of the bright circus scenes were really beautiful to watch. There was one point were Jacob acted like Edward (in twilight) and I had to hurry and snap out of it. He's obviously a good actor but those Twilight movies are terrible.

John put on some Wilco and we drove to Walmart, picked up a couple Mother's Day things, and headed home. It was a really great night and I have 4 really great pictures to remember it by.

Monday, May 2, 2011

summer break

thankful for...

I'm thankful that it's summer. The only thing I have to do is go to Gap, but it's been slow this last week so I haven't even had to do that. It's great. I can already feel the joy of freedom starting to be replaced with boredom, so hopefully I'll start working more hours. But in the mean time I'll just keep making cookies and watching 30 Rock on Netflix.

made me laugh...

Whenever I ask John if he wants to do something (and he really doesn't want to), he doesn't just say no. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to do something (I honestly can't remember what) while we were walking over to his house and he quickly replied, "I'd rather cut off both of my legs, sew them on backwards, then swim the English Channel."

It caught me so off guard and I couldn't stop laughing.