Tuesday, February 22, 2011

accidental glazes

tender mercy...

Today I met with the Art Historian in the library and she helped me find information on the paintings I have to research. She wrote things done for me, went through every set so that I could follow her and understand what she was doing, and gave me a lot of tips for how to make it easier on myself. I'm not as worried about this paper as I was before. Now I just need to find 4 hours to just sit down and write the whole thing.

made me laugh...

Ok, this actually made me semi-embarrassed, but the more I think about it, the more I laugh. Tomorrow is my last day of Ceramics (and the class critique....which is even more embarrassing) and I got to class today eager to see how the glazes on my final projects turned out. I immediately found my Final piece because it is bigger and a pretty unique shape, but it took me a little longer to find my Organic piece. I searched the shelves of sculptures trying to find my 'rose pink' glaze but recognized the shape of my piece first because the glaze turned out white instead of the pink I was hoping for. I picked it up and looked around the whole piece to see how everything turned out. Everything was nice, except for the bottom.

Because I was spraying a cone 6 glaze on my piece (which can't be stilted in the kiln) I needed to put a CC undercoat glaze on the bottom of the piece (because those don't need to be stilted because they won't stick to the kiln shelves). I matched up my pink glazes, painted the CC on the bottom, sprayed the cone 6, and threw it in the kiln.

So, if you're following all of this crazy ceramic stuff, the bottom of my piece turned out pink and the rest white.....not at all matching. The worst part is that there is a slit in that part of my piece and I glazed the inside an iron red color. Lets just say it doesn't look like any of my "organic" pieces that were my inspiration....but it does look a LOT like something else.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that when I asked a girl in my class what she thought of the bottom of my sculpture she said it reminded her of a seashell. :) I guess you could say that....


  1. That's too funny! What was your object of inspiration? The gourd?

  2. A gourd and a dead marigold. You can't tell by this picture but could if you saw the whole thing.