Friday, February 4, 2011

My own holiday weekend

made me laugh...

John is always good for a laugh. We were talking about how we should get a cat and how fun it'll be going to pick one out.

John: "but we have to get a kitten."
Me: ".....why?"
John: "Those are the cutest years!"

...Like it was so obvious. What was I thinking skipping right to a cat. LOL

tender mercy...

The tender mercy for the weekend is that I didn't get scheduled to work. At all. Yeah, it'll suck when payday comes and I only get like $50, but this week was stressful and a 'do whatever I want' weekend is needed every now and then. Who knows, I might just watch the whole second season of Pushing Daisies today.

thankful for...

Yesterday I didn't have school. I totally could've been productive, but I decided sleeping in, taking forever to get ready, watching last nights Grey's, doing laundry, cleaning my room and making a LOT of cookies was more important. I ended the night with John. We went to the Communal and saw The Fighter. Great ending to a great day.

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