Monday, May 7, 2012


tender mercy...

Buddy Holly's song "Everyday" came up on Pandora while I was at work today.  Every time I hear that song I immediately see daffodils in my head and it makes me so happy. It's all because of this scene from my favorite movie, Big Fish.  It's sort of embarrassing how many times I've seen that movie.  I think I was confused by it at first, so I kept watching it over and over so that I could make sense of the plot.  Then it sort of became my comfort movie and I'd watch it when I was sick or having a bad day.  Since it was my favorite movie I thought it was unacceptable if my friends hadn't seen it, like they wouldn't understand me if they didn't know about this movie, so I'd watch it again with each of them.....and now I can just quote the whole thing.  Seriously. Watch it.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I finally found a white shirt to wear to Lexie's wedding Saturday!  Who knew it would be so hard?  Maybe I'm just a picky shopper.  Either way, Downeast ended up pulling through for me, which I wasn't expecting.  I think I was the only person who didn't own a white shirt -- they are too high maintenance.  Trying to keep them as white as when you bought them.  They start to look old really fast and I don't like that look.  But now I officially own a white shirt.  I'm accepting the responsibility.  I'm growing up.

made me laugh...

Sometimes I watch cat videos online.  Especially on Mondays so that I can get ready for Cat Tuesday with Natalie and Lexi (where we just watch more cat videos).  I watched this today.  The quality of the video is terrible, but it's incredible how hard I was laughing.  I stopped watching when that awful Smash Mouth song started though. :/


  1. Alison, I'm glad you're blogging again! :) hah I'd watch the cat video, but I just hate them too much… they scare me.. I know embarrassing. Love you.

  2. The best is when the cats jump on little kids, & knock them over...hahaha. I forgot how cute Big Fish is. We'll have to watch it again soon.