Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of School

tender mercies....

I've been trying to figure out my school schedule and make it work with study abroad/work/marriage. Earlier this week I thought I had my schedule figured out with ceramics, french, art history, floral design, seminar, and geneology.....but only half of those were required and I can't help but feel like I'm wasting time when I have too many elective classes. I wasn't thrilled about taking geneology and was hoping to find a required class to take it's spot, since I'm more than finished with my religion credits.

After searching BYUs website I found a Modern Art class that fits right in my schedule perfectly. I also figured out a couple more things that make it possible for me to graduate one year from now, since I'm going to London for 3 months during Fall semester. There is actually an end in view! My last semester is going to be amazing too because I have all of the advanced art classes left including my own art exhibition in the HFAC. :) Everything worked out perfectly and I will graduate right on my four year mark.

made me laugh...

I woke up to a text from my sister, Michelle. She has a really bad rash that apparently turned her into Angelina Jolie....LOL. I'm sad she has a rash, but this picture was too perfect.

thankful for...

I left my truck up by John's house the whole week after Christmas because I really didn't have a need for it (I didn't really go anywhere), and then we got a lot of snow and I didn't want to try and dig it out. When I finally went to move it, it wouldn't start. Yesterday my dad went and tried to figure out what was wrong and ended up towing it to get worked on. I'm thankful for a dad who can fix all my problems.

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