Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

made me laugh.....

Yesterday while John, Sam and I were watching 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (because none of us have ever seen it and we all know Audrey Hepburn is beautiful to watch no matter what) John gets a call from his friend Mike who announces that he proposed to Anna. It was the very end of the movie where the couple is kissing in the rain after Holly finds the cat that she stupidly threw out of the cab door moments earlier, completing the dream of their new little family. I ignored the phone call with the details of his proposal to see how the movie would end.

John was off of the phone by the time I got in the room to asked him the details. I asked when they were getting married and he told me July. My immediate response was, "Huh, that's a long time." To this John just stared at me with a blank face.

I was so embarrassed by what I had said and couldn't stop laughing at the situation....see, John wants to marry me this summer, but I'm going to London this fall, so we're waiting until 2012. John isn't happy about the wait and I keep reassuring him that it really isn't that long. One year and 2 months. We aren't even technically engaged yet, but we did browse rings yesterday for the first time. John's blank stares always make me laugh, especially when he uses them to make his point.

I'm thankful for....

Earlier in the day I was at the mall with John wasting time before going to Bombay House with Sam for lunch/dinner. I held his hand and led him into all of the stores I wanted to go into (including Gap, like I didn't already know everything that was in there). He needed a new calender so we looked in the seasonal calender store. John loves the cat They make him laugh way hard and I can't blame him because I can't look at a duck without giggling and feeling super happy. Then we wander into Hot Topic and find a ridiculous Lady Gaga shirt that John buys because I think it's so funny how he loves to randomly sing her songs to me. I mentioned I was hungry, so he bought us a Maple Black Raspberry ice cream from Sub Zero to hold me over until our Indian dinner. We ended up sampling lotions on our way back out to the car.....he completely made my lazy holiday.

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