Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Revival

thankful for...

Yesterday was the Winter Revival Concert at BYU. John had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go but I never really committed to the concert. After I got off of work last night I asked if he still wanted to go or if he'd rather just go to a movie (since it would be the same price). He said he'd rather go to the concert, which I'm happy about. Joshua James was the main performance and the first opening band was Caleb Blood. One of the guys in Caleb Blood was from John's mission and I'd never seen Joshua James live (which is crazy because he's always playing shows at Velour.)

The three opening bands were all piano rock (some better than others), but lets face it, piano rock is rarely worth listening to. It always sounds like super sappy EYF. Even the "comedian" hosting the concert was tough to listen to at times. And then Joshua James started. I have his CDs. I might've even taken a lot of his stuff off of my ipod because I have to be in the right mood to really get into it and most of the time my mood likes something more upbeat (It happened to be Stevie Wonder today: the good/rare piano rock). But I was seriously blown away be the first song Joshua James played.

It doesn't happen very often that you go to a concert and are that moved by the music played. Usually the musician just goes through the motions and plays it just how it is on the record because that's what everyone is expecting to hear. I'm thankful John wanted to go to the concert instead of just another movie. Joshua James live is well worth it.

tender mercy...

Today was so warm. Every now and then during the winter I need a reminder of what spring is like, just so I have the warmth to look forward to. I laid on the carpet in the sun with Molly for a bit then got ready for church and didn't have to wear tights with my dress. My favorite is when the air is cool and you can feel the sun warm your skin. John pointed it out when we were walking in the church too. I'm looking forward to those hot days when I can lay outside and tan. They're the best.

made me laugh...

During the second opening band this girl sang and played the piano. It was tough to listen to. Her first song she ended with "Ooohhh" and I thought it was super tacky. John left to see if Jamba Juice was still open and I stayed to save our seats. When he came back I informed him that her second song ended with "MMmmm" and we both were laughing at her and making bets on how the current song would end. John put $5 on "Ohh yeah" and I matched his $5 with "Oooooo." To both of our surprise (and relief) she ended with "That's the end!" Like that is seriously how she ended the song, it wasn't just an after thought once the song was over. We never could've seen that coming. But it was fun making fun of her and laughing with John. <3

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