Monday, January 31, 2011

Just ate a whole bag of chocolate chips.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I don't have to take another art history or french class for the rest of my life after April 2011. I like hearing stories behind famous works of art but as soon as they turn the lights off in class I immediately fall asleep. I jumped back to life right at the end of class today. I hate doing the reading because it's just so dang boring. We have a midterm next week and I swear I haven't learned a single thing.

I have a French test Wednesday and I still don't understand that class either. I have anxiety while I walk to the JKB because I know Monsieur Sparks will say my name after he's just rattled something off in French and he's expecting me to answer the question I didn't even know he asked. The only thing that keeps me slightly motivated is a picture of Marion Cotillard as Lady Dior. I feel like if I know how to speak in french there is hope for me to be as classy and sophisticated as her picture.

tender mercy...

I sat by the smart kids in art history today so I got 100% on the group quiz. Where you sit makes all the difference for those "talk to your neighbors" quizzes.

made me laugh

Speaking of French...I watched an episode of I Love Lucy where Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel all got to France. Lucy goes off by herself, gets tricked into trading her American money for counterfeit french money. She goes to a restaurant and is served snails. Her response is that she might be able to try it if they bring her some ketchup. LOL. She doesn't want to be a tourist so when Fred and Ethel pass by she pretends not to know them. When she pays for her meal they call the police because she paid with the fake money and is sent to jail. The policeman only speaks french. Pretty soon there are 5 people translating from french to german to spanish to english so Lucy and the policeman can communicate. After everything is over the two couples are back in their apartment and find out that they all paid for a "one of a kind" painting" but all have the same one.

I really do love Lucy.


  1. You totally lok like that picture! So classy and sophisticated! :)

  2. I love your three purposes to your blog--such positives to think about. Consider yourself newly stalked. :)