Tuesday, February 1, 2011

head in the clouds

thankful for...

I'm glad that the faculty at BYU aren't rude when I ask stupid questions.

I had an appointment with my advisor today to ask her what classes I have left for my major. I can easily go online and find the answer to this question, but it always makes more sense when she highlights the classes on my print out transcript for me. She even did the math for me of which credits come from where, on the bottom of the page. Then she told me to look into applying for a talent award.

So I walk to the DVA office and ask how to apply for a talent award. She shows me the instructions and I ask her to show me how to get to the website. She finally finds it and something clicks in my head that I've already done this. I ask, "is there a way to see if I've already applied?" She gets all mad saying they don't keep them from year to year and I specify that I want to know if I've applied THIS year. She just stares. Then looks it up and sure enough I did the whole portfolio last week. I seriously forgot I did it. Hopefully she isn't the one who decides if I get the scholarship.

tender mercy...

I was talking to a girl in my french class about how hard it is, especially when Monsieur Sparks makes us close our "livres." She confessed that when he says that she closes her textbook but looks at this little notebook of notes she's taken. She copies all of the little key tables from the book into her notebook. The third test is tomorrow, so I filled out my own little notebook to study with. It's done wonders. I know all of my questions and different ways to use the verb avior. Maybe this test won't be as painful as the others.

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  1. That's a good idea. We don't have to close our books, but it doesn't make a difference because I never know what page we're on, or what Dr. Meredith is saying.