Tuesday, March 15, 2011

brooms eye view

made me laugh...

We were studying the houses of parliament in Art History and as my professor is showing us all these different views of the building he says, "And here's more of a broom's eye view" and plays this...


LOL. The building is at the very end.

tender mercy...

I got 9/10 on a quiz in French today. And on the one I missed, I only forgot an l'. Just so it's clear how big of a deal this is, I'll show my last few scores.....[0/6]....[1/5]....[1.5/5]....[5.5/14]....[3/9].

The girl who peer reviewed my Modern Art paper said nice things in her comments, even when she was telling me to fix something. This is the opposite of my Art History peer reviewer last week. That girl was rude.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I got to spend all day Sunday with John. I went to his house in the morning for a Dinobite breakfast, we went to church, came home from church and made mac and cheese and leftover potatoes for lunch, watched the rest of Back to the Future III (The one where they're in the wild west...I fell asleep before it ended the first time we watched it.), fell asleep right after it ended, walked over to my house for a roast and potato dinner, hung out with my family, went on a walk around Slate Canyon to work off some of the food we ate, then ended the day back at John's with his family watching the season premier of Sister Wives (the show totally freaks me out, but is extremely entertaining) and drinking Pepsi. :)

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  1. Oh, I didn't know the new sister wives was out! I can't help but watch that show to find out how strange they are.
    And way to finally ace a quiz! ;)