Monday, March 21, 2011

a little art history

thankful for...

I'm thankful Conference is coming up, for many reasons.

1. I don't have to go to work Saturday
2. I'm going to Gloria's Little Italy with John, Sam, and Samantha, after the priesthood session.
3. I don't have to get dressed Sunday
4. It's a sign that the semester is almost over finally
5. It's a sign that spring is here
6. It's a sign that there is plenty of Easter candy
7. I get to work on the blanket that I started crocheting 2 years ago.
8. And the obvious reason that we get to listen to the prophet :)

just learned...

I learned about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Impressionism today. And along with Degas and Monet, I added John Everett Millais to my list of favorite artists. Specifically his works, Christ in the House of His Parents, 1850 and Ophelia 1852.

In this painting, a young Christ (maybe 8) cuts his hand on a nail in Joseph's shop. Mary is concerned because she knows the wound on his hand is foreshadowing his death. The sheep outside the window are also anxious because they know what his wound is foreshadowing as well. Joseph leans in taking Jesus' hand by his fingers to take care of him. A young John the Baptist walks in with a bowl of water, also symbolizing his future role of cleansing and baptizing Christ. An older woman (probably John's mother) reaches forward with pliers to pull out the nail that cut his hand. And the figure to the left is James, the older brother to Jesus (Joseph's son from a previous marriage).

The whole painting has amazing detail with everything in focus, even as you look out the window. It is a unique image of Christ's life.

tender mercy...

We played pictionary in French and I got the word "une pizza".... LOL. Last time we played my word was "de l'ail" and I just stood there until the time was up because I had no idea what de l'ail meant...... It's the word for garlic. Like anyone is going to go to France and need to know how to say garlic anyway. Une pizza is much more practical. And this time I didn't look like a tard in front of the class.

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  1. I don't think I've seen that painting before. It's neat. And you have the funniest stories about school. I love it.