Wednesday, March 9, 2011

midterms? check.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I finished my art history midterm today and won't have another test until finals! In french I had to write a letter (in french) to a friend telling them about this semester. My whole letter was like, 'I can't wait until May', and 'we'll have so much fun when it is summer and we can ride bikes' ....I didn't realize that the assignment was to actually talk about our classes......Hooray for summer!

tender mercy...

Yesterday I was out in the hall of the JFSB, sitting on the floor (by the outlet) studying for another French test. (We have a huge test every 2 weeks....that's why I'm always freaking out) I still had an hour before I was scheduled to go in and this guy from my class walks out. He tells me what to study (which totally isn't cheating because I was already studying the same thing) but just talking to him about the test made me feel so much better. He said it was easier than the last one, so I didn't even think about doing badly...and I didn't. It went really well and so did my interview in French today. C'est chouette!

made me laugh...

The past few weeks when I leave for school my dad tells me not to get in any fist fights....LOL I guess there's always the possibility that I'll crack and start beating someone up, but it isn't very likely.

He posed for this picture a while ago so I could show it to boys...haha


  1. Hahahaha! I totally cracked up over the picture of Dad and the story with it. Gotta love Dad humor. And Alison humor :)