Sunday, March 6, 2011

church today

tender mercy...

For some reason I have been really sad this whole weekend and angry (with no real reason). I went to church today and found myself irritated by everyone there. I highly considered leaving after sacrament meeting, and if I wasn't John's ride I probably would have. Of course all of the testimonies and lessons were perfect, but I just had this anger that wouldn't leave. At the end of relief society there was time to share testimonies and a couple people went up. I was interested in what everyone was saying, but nothing really hit me.

Then one of the last women got up, and as a side note of her testimony about prayer, she said to tell Heavenly Father what hurts. I immediately started crying and couldn't stop through the closing song and prayer. Apparently I have something that hurts. I'm still not sure what it is, but I feel better at least having a hint for why I've been in this terrible mood......Lex was a true friend and got all of the mascara off of my face before I had to talk to anyone.

made me laugh...

During Sunday school John typed on his phone, "That picture freaks me out...," and handed it to me to read. I took his phone and wrote, "Yeah....Lets go." He bust up laughing which made me laugh. I was serious about leaving....but whatever. I guess the story above proves that it's good I stayed.

thankful for...

My hard drive froze today and would only make this beeping was weird. I'm not positive what exactly was really happening, but it made me nervous because I have all of my art pictures are saved on that thing. My dad started playing with it and all of a sudden it just...worked. He didn't do anything different, but I was able to save the pictures somewhere else just in case it ever happens again, I have a back-up. I'm thankful it isn't permanently broken because it would be a pain to taken pictures of everything again.

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