Monday, May 9, 2011

a night out

thankful for...

I had the best night Saturday with John. We go to a different restaurant for dinner every week. Saturday we went to Roll Up Crepes. Apparently it's a fairly new place (I hadn't even heard of it when John said that's where he wanted to go). I got a delicious turkey and spinach crepe with pesto and cranberry sauce on top. It was amazing. And we shared a Nutella crepe for dessert. After we finished eating we looked up movie times and couldn't decide between Water for Elephants or Something Borrowed, because we really didn't know what either of them were about. Neither of us had cash but felt bad not leaving a tip at the restaurant because the band and the service were both pretty great. John had a gold dollar coin in his wallet so we left it on the table.

We stood outside of Wynnsong and did Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide which movie to see. John won so we got our tickets to Water for Elephants. (I later found out that Something Borrowed is a predictable chick flick, so I was happy John won). We had 45 minutes to kill, so we walked to Provo Beach Resort.

John had $10 left on his card from when he went there with Sam a few months back. He played some game where you throw balls in a dogs mouth and won 9 tickets. I noticed this stuffed animal of the yellow M&M in a claw machine. It was wearing glasses like mine. John tried 3 times to get it with no luck. (I still have a bear that he won for me from a claw machine at Denny's on Valentines Day my sophomore year). He had $3 left on the card, which was exactly enough for this.....
We took our 9 tickets and purchased 2 tattoos (a puppy for John and a dinosaur for me) a Chinese finger trap, and a little poppy. By then it was time to go to our movie.

I don't know what the book is like the movie Water for Elephants was super intense! John made me feel his pulse at one point because it was going so fast. The movie wasn't predictable at all and all of the bright circus scenes were really beautiful to watch. There was one point were Jacob acted like Edward (in twilight) and I had to hurry and snap out of it. He's obviously a good actor but those Twilight movies are terrible.

John put on some Wilco and we drove to Walmart, picked up a couple Mother's Day things, and headed home. It was a really great night and I have 4 really great pictures to remember it by.

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  1. That does sounds like a really fun night out. And I love the pictures! Haha. Especially the last one with your expression and John's blurry face.