Monday, May 23, 2011

when you just swear without realizing

thankful for...

A couple days ago I was sitting in my bed with my laptop watching the latest movie Netflix sent me. My cat Molly came in and went crazy begging for attention, as usual, so I pet her for a while and lifted up the top of my blanket so she could walk in and make herself comfortable. (We have a reputation for spooning from time to time). She's especially nice to have around when it's cold since she's a nice little heater on my legs.

She laid down and I forgot all about her until I felt this weird thud on the side of my leg. I lifted up my blanket to see what was going on. She was curled up on my lap with her head upside-down hanging off to the side. I started petting her but she didn't respond at all. I tried waking her up and literally lifted her head up in the air...still with no response. I panicked and couldn't stop whispering, "shit shit shit" to myself. Had I just suffocated my cat? I started to get out of bed when she regained consciousness and was all startled and upset because I was moving around. I swear she passed out. There is no way a cat can sleep that deep! She's a real trooper.

I'm thankful that I didn't suffocate my childhood pet.

made me laugh...

I was walking with John over to his house after dinner tonight. He always makes fun of me because I walk up the street right in the middle of the road rather than on the sidewalk. I got in the habit of doing that back when all the neighborhood would get together and play night games because I was afraid of getting kidnapped or something from walking so close to the shadows and fences. Now it's mostly habit, but I AM still afraid to walk past the neighbors RV at night ... it's just dark and creepy.

Tonight John started to pull my hand toward the sidewalk and I told him I didn't want to step on all the worms that were out, since it had been raining, and insisted we keep walking in the road. I was wearing open toed shoes so the thought of stepping on one of those huge worms and getting it on me wasn't worth the risk.

I was watching my step when John started to step down, noticed something under his foot, tried mid-step to make his feet land somewhere else, did sort of a goofy hop while yelling, "HOLY SHhhhiii!"

There was a long twig in the road which John thought was the longest worm he'd ever seen.

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