Sunday, June 5, 2011


tender mercy...

Sometimes I'm really happy that my sister works in the mall with me. So when my least favorite customer comes in to work and repeatedly asks me to make my register do impossible things and then loudly asks for a manager while interrupting my explanation of why there isn't a button that lets me bend the promotion rules for her....I can take my hour lunch and walk to the other end of the mall with a steam trail behind my ears to go vent to someone who'll listen and relate.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that Sean and Tiffany are getting married in 2 days! It is the first thing on my list of fun things I'm going to do this summer and I'm excited to be there when they start their new family and have another sister!

made me laugh...

I went to work with my Dad on Thursday. On our way to the house in Pleasant Grove, he noticed a sign that read "Bump Ahead" and obviously read it "Bump A Head" and started bumping my head with his hand (which was pretty funny by itself). I managed to look out the window and saw a huge speed bump. I told him there really was a bump (while we're still going full speed and I was still a bobble-head) about .3 seconds before we hit it. The truck lifted up in the air and all the tools in the back jumped up and crashed back down really loud at the same time that we crashed back down. We were both a little shocked. We got to the house to find that all of the boxes had opened and the tools were everywhere. It didn't take too long to sweep back into piles though.


  1. Funny how when Dad told the story he never mentioned you being a "bobble head." He just said you told him there was a bump right before hitting it and everything in the back of the truck was rearranged. :)

  2. I loved your description of the difficult customer--actually loved this whole post. You are a fun writer to read, Alison. :)