Monday, June 20, 2011


thankful for...

Last week I went to the Orem Summerfest with John. As soon as we got there we scanned to see what our dinner options were. We ended up with 2 quesadillas, 3 sodas, 1 giant scone, and 1 funnel cake. Carnival food makes me sick every time, but is so worth it.

For some reason I wasn't really into the whole Festival thing (we skipped out on the parade even though we had a great view thanks to the Orrs) that day and was just going to convince John we should watch a movie instead. We were standing on the edge of the park deciding what we should do with the rest of the night. It was 8pm. Fireworks started around 10pm. Instead of me convincing John to leave he ended up convincing me to stay. We split up and he waited in the ticket line while I waited in the Ferris Wheel line. Apparently we looked approachable because while we waited everyone was coming up and asking questions to us specifically...

made me laugh...

I looked over at John and saw this. He found this Orem Police sticker badge on the grass. I'm not sure why I found it so funny :)

We saw a few friends while we waited. The line was so long and slow. It was one of those things where you don't think you're moving at all but after 2 hours we finally did it. We got to the front of the line after shooing away 2 different groups of smooth talking line jumpers, taking a lot of pictures and writing fake lyrics for songs about carnivals.

There was a little Asian girl in front of us with her grandma (who I don't think had ever been on a Ferris Wheel before, because they were really excited). Every time the Ferris Wheel went around this Asian couple down on the grass waved really big and had huge smiles. They were waving at the little girl and grandma, but the ride went so fast that it looked like they were waving at us every time. I could NOT stop laughing! It really made the experience.

tender mercy...

We were the first ones on the ride so we went around really slow at first while everyone else was let on the ride. And then we were the last ones off so we went around while everyone else got off too. Before the ride started to slow down something really magical happened....the fireworks started. Yep, we had waited in line for 2 hours. The odds of getting in that line in the right spot so that we'd be on the ride with the best view of the fireworks is so crazy. We wouldn't be able to plan that if we tried. Especially because the ride only lasts 5 minutes anyway. We kissed at the top for good luck.I'm really glad we decided to stay. It was even better than the time I went to the Orem Fest with John 3 years ago...which I thought was pretty great.


  1. Fun! Now you make me wish I would have gone to summerfest.

  2. Your blogs are always so fun to read! Love the part about the Asian family!