Sunday, July 24, 2011

I see London, I see France...

Because I am going on a Visual Arts Study Abroad this fall through BYU!

We will be living in London with some weeklong trips to Scotland, Paris and some other sites around England. I am registered for 12 credits while I'm there. I'll be taking Creative Writing, Mixed Media (painting/collage), an advanced art class for my BFA where I’ll work on my own 3-D projects, a walks class (where we literally walk and see the city), and a religion course that will be taught by a local institute teacher. And since it is a study abroad for Art majors we will be spending a lot of time going to Museums and viewing architecture and gardens.

I leave on August 29 for 3.5 months but my only hold up is that I haven't earned the full $10,000 to go. I received a $2,250 grant and $1,386 in scholarships and have paid almost $2,000 just from working over the summer. I got a federal loan for $2750. But I still owe $1,350 before I leave.

The great thing about being a Visual Arts major is that I can offer original prizes for anyone who wants to donate to my semester abroad. Whoever places the biggest donation will receive first pick from the artwork I make while in London and then on down the list. I plan on doing a lot of sketches of places I travel and assemblage work with found objects. I will finish works when I return (clean up, make frames, etc.) and have each piece delivered before Christmas.

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