Wednesday, August 10, 2011


After digging out grass, picking out rocks, assisting my dad while he built a box, finding dirt and peat moss, collecting bricks, unloading and arranging bricks, graphing out the space, hanging wire, planting seeds, making my plants name tags out of spoons, weeding, killing around 50 snails, and getting eaten by mosquitoes on multiple occasions... I've grown THIS.

I pulled that longer carrot and almost died; I was so proud. It's only like 4 inches. My lettuce, peppers and cilantro didn't make it, along with the marigolds (that were supposed to attract praying mantises to eat the grasshoppers). I did everything I could. I even read books before starting. I followed the directions on the back of the seed packages exactly. I went to a free gardening class on campus between classes one day. I sprinkled snail killer. If I'm lucky I'll get a zucchini before London. I can't help wondering if gardening is really worth it.

Those huge plants are the tomatoes we bought out of desperation. My beans are growing but haven't produced a single bean. The garden looks beautiful though. Maybe I shouldn't have treated it like an art project.

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  1. This was my first year experimenting with gardening as well. The beans and peas (planted about 4 rows) haven't made it at all. I blame the birds for those ones. I think they attack them as soon as they germinate.. the squash and zucchini have been the most successful (planted 4 rows getting a squash coming up almost everyday now) those are coming faster than we can eat them so we'll probably give them away. That being said.. everything else didn't do very well. Potatoes are tiny, carrots are tiny, onions didn't do anything, either did the parsnips. Also all my poppies died and so did my daisies. So it was really exciting and still is the things that did make it. Zucchini, squash, and sunflowers the size of jack's beanstalk haha. Good luck next time! Wish me luck too.