Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've been loading these pictures for a week and a half now! Between crappy internet and even crappier blogger, I averaged 3 pictures a day...but I finally did it.

This is where I live.

This is my street.
This is the Royal Albert Concert Hall where we went for Proms.

This is me during Proms.

This is the Tower Bridge.
This is me walking off the Tower Bridge.
This is the Bourough Market.
This is the Thames End of Summer Festival on the bridge.
This is me later that night at the festival getting strawberries and cream for dinner.
Fireworks at the Thames.
This was my view from the bridge.

This is a bejeweled moose during London Fashion Night Out that I really loved.

Vogue Fashion Night Out with Camilia and Hillary.
This is me at the Chatsworth House on our Northern Tour. I loved all the pretty wallpaper.
This is part of the garden at Chatsworth. (My favorite place.)
This is Hadrian's Wall. It was rainy, windy and cold.
This is halfway up Arthur's Seat, where I stopped to rest.
This is the top.
This is where Harry was born.
This is the greatest hot chocolate from The Elephant House, in Edinbourgh.
Here I am writing on the bathroom wall.
This is the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
This is me on the top of the Edinbourgh Castle with Fran.
This is me sitting on a rock on my Lake District hike after Courtney found a scary snake.
This is a cute picture of Emily at .... Wordsworth's house?
This is me in the garden. It was raining a lot.
I'm standing in a lake in the rain.
I love these sheep so much.
The greenhouses at Kew Gardens.
The only room I liked in the Saatchi Gallery. Pretty much.


  1. I'm glad you finally got some pics to load. Everything is so neat and ornate looking. It's fun to see your pictures. I love your yellow boots. You look cute!

  2. Love this!Dad and I really need to make the trip across the pond! Maybe even settle there? Would anyone come to visit us? It just looks so amazing and sounds wonderful! Probably isn't much different then living here but it sure seems fantastic! Also curious, is Themes a different place from Thames? I've only seen the word Thames and was just wondering.

  3. You and Dad should move here! I would come visit you all the time...haha except I miss driving. They were telling me gas is almost 2 pounds a pint. Which is like $3 a pint. :/

    It's Thames. I just spelled it wrong. I spell everything wrong...