Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my metric system

thankful for...

I'm thankful that I was able to pay BYU for this study abroad already. It's been hovering over me since January on my financial center. And I saw it every day over the summer when I was checking to see if financial aid would ever go through. I like reading, "You have no outstanding charges at this time" when I sign in. That doesn't mean that I'm off the hook. I still owe $5,637 to people and in loans, but I'm thankful that I'm here and no one is getting after me for not paying my fee.

tender mercy...

I've had terrible luck with pens the past couple weeks. I brought 2 with me, lost one, the other ran out of ink. I went to every store and no one sold pens. Not even the books store, which I thought would be a winner. I finally went to an art supply store and bought a pen for 3 pounds. Way too much. That one broke when I used it to try and get toilet paper out of this wacky machine in our last hostel. I was still using the little tube of ink from the inside of that pen though for a while, which didn't really work. The night before last I went to Tesco and bought a 6 pack for 1 pound! And they work great! ... It's pretty important to have a pen when like 80% of your grade for the whole semester is based on your journal.

made me laugh...

Blaming everything wrong in my life on the metric system and pound conversion. This glue that I bought said "Dries Instantly," but obviously instantly means 30.48 hours in the UK. Peter said I need to spend 9 hours making art each week, but I'm interpreting that as US hours since it's 9 hours in Provo. I've been wondering why I feel so overwhelmed and I realized it's because I should only be doing 5.625 hours per week. It's a little backwards but I'm 94% sure I'm right about these numbers. I'm working on a new conversion chart now.

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