Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a day full of finals.


Today I learned that 7 am finals are the WORST. No one can think clearly that early. I got the scantron in french and of course did the whole thing with pen (Seriously? I've known since 1st grade that you can't use pens on those things.) And I didn't even fill in the tiny circles neatly like I usually do either. I made a huge X over each one. Even if it was in pencil, the computer wouldn't read the huge marks I made. I think my subconsious was pissed off that I wasn't still asleep. I honestly didn't realize what I was doing until I was half way through... so I just finished and said sorry to my professor when I handed it to him and he realized he'd have to grade it by hand. I don't even feel bad about it after seeing that guy everyday for the past 3.5 months. To make my sleepiness worse, it's 5 pm now. One more final before I can call it a day. Luckily this one won't use a scantron.

tender mercy...

I haven't been sick all semester and it finally caught up with me. Getting sick isn't the tender mercy, it's that I lasted a whole semester before today.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that my mom woke up early and brought me to school at 6:30 am this morning!

I had the funnest day with John this last weekend, and I wish it were today. We went on a really long bike ride. Our first stop was the Provo Mall for some shoping (for him) and lunch at Hot dog on a Stick. Then we rode to the Provo Library so I could pick up a tax paper. We considered a Slurpee but were too full from lunch. We strolled to Heidi's house and said hello to her roommates. I remembered a potluck that one of my classes was having, so we got back on our bikes and headed to BYU. We saw Kellie and talked for a second, learned about funny English words and had amazing Indian Food. Since we were already at BYU, we went to the MOA and I showed John the "Matter of Words" exhibition (which is really cool). Then we made our way home. It was a really great, relaxing day. And it was nice to spend most of it outside.