Thursday, April 7, 2011

my wonka boyfriend

made me laugh...

Yesterday was John's birthday! So last night we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid to celebrate. The movie was actually pretty funny which I wasn't expecting, especially since we were the only ones in the theater. After the movie I was waiting around in the hall waiting for John. He came out of the bathroom and immediately did a cart-wheel. He is so goofy sometimes. It reminded me of Willy Wonka when he pretends to trip and does a somersault to greet the lucky finders of his golden tickets. I've never been greeted with a cart-wheel or a somersault, so it was a pretty funny/memorable experience.

tender mercy...

I had an oral exam for french. It was the last one....ever. It's pretty exciting to have finished all of those stressful assignments. I was really stressed out for the oral exam and for the written exam that I had right after. I went to the 3rd floor at 12:15 even though my exam wasn't scheduled until 1:00.

First tender mercy is that he let me read the prompt when I got there instead of being strict on the "You can't read the prompt until 5 minutes before the exam" rule. So I had plenty of time to write down what I did on my imaginary trip to Paris. Even if I didn't remember anything, it's always nice to have some planning time.

The second tender mercy is that there was this girl there who was really stressed too, but was being super funny and making me laugh. It calmed me down a lot and I'm glad we signed up for close times. She literally ran into the room when her time came because it was all or nothing. :) When she came back to our little study group in the hall, someone asked her how it went. She just said, "terrible!" as she laughed like crazy. It made me feel better about also...doing terrible.

thankful for...

I'm thankful for chapstick! My dry lips have been distracting me the whole time I've been writing this. And I have to put up with it for 2 more hours!

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