Tuesday, April 5, 2011


tender mercy...

I found a flight to London that has Wifi, a place to charge your iPod, the latest films and direct tv. That might distract me from the fact that I'm terrified of flying. And since I'll be flying alone, distractions are a good thing.

thankful for...

I'm thankful that the library isn't cleaning there carpets today like they did the other day. It was really loud and distracting. I'm still not sure why they decided to clean the carpets in the middle of the day when everyone is studying. Today is very nice and quiet. :)

made me laugh...

Ok this is totally gross, but it made me laugh really hard... My dad picked me up from school yesterday and we were sitting in the truck for a second right after he parked. He took a deep breath and said, "I think it's nap time." Then I might've farted really loud (which made me laugh). He looked me up and down with this extremely concerned look on his face (which made me laugh even harder). Then he replied, "Nap time or fart time...I always get those two mixed up" (and I couldn't stop laughing).


  1. And now I'm totally laughing again at your fart story! hahaha. It's Dad's fault. He raised us to be farters! And I'm still laughing at his reaction to my fart..."I can't get mine that high pitch" hahaha.

  2. Joanne called them "nasty smells" she would be so disgusted by my daughters. This is a total Stosich thing. :)

  3. We clean the carpets at the same time every night, and each floor gets cycled through on a schedule.

  4. He is cleaning the carpet this very second. AGAIN. It's 9:44 am. I just have to blast pandora in my ears to tune it out.

  5. Ha Ha! I love the fart story! That's awesome.