Saturday, April 2, 2011


made me laugh...

Friday I went over to Sam's with John and met his girlfriend Samantha. We had ice cream, played pool, and watched the Office. Sam gave us a $5 gift card to Walmart that he got at work. So after we left we made a quick stop to In-n-out and went to spend our $5. We spent over an hour wandering around Walmart trying to find the best thing to buy. We considered a few different shirts, Easter candy, strawberry plant......but the thing that won, that we both agreed on...was Buzz Lightyear Operation. We got home and realized we didn't have AAA batteries so we still haven't played our game. Something to look forward to today I guess.

tender mercy...

This weekend one of my best friends told me that the mole she had removed was stage 3 melanoma. Luckily she had it removed just in time and the doctor kept telling her how she'd saved her life by going into the doctor. I'm thankful that she felt the need to get it removed before the cancer could spread. A HUGE tender mercy. :)

thankful for...

Last full week of school!!!!

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